About Me

My name is Benjmain Mahala.

I’m a graduate student at Johns Hopkins (at least until December 30th). I’ve finished and defended my dissertation, so I’m on the way out.  My research field was theoretical chemistry, with an emphasis on non-equilibrium dynamics and diffusion in structured solvents and idealized systems; but I’m getting out of the academia game. The way it’s going, I doubt I have the grant writing drive to make it all the way to tenure, and the idea of having a large fraction of my net worth locked in a very valuable asset that I can’t sell and which requires I spend the rest of my life chasing grants isn’t my ideal endgame.

So I’m in the middle of a pivot to a better field. I hear programming is a reasonably good job, most of the time.

For my credentials, check out my twitter or some selected blog posts (coming soon!). If you need more boring credentials, I can give you a cover letter.

Between finishing my degree and my current work on the¬†Causevest¬†project, I’m full on work right now. This space moves fast though, and I can’t say I’m sure I’ll be full forever. My email is crossterms.com@protonmail.com, if you want to get in touch. Questions are always free, references, well that might cost you.